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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Viktor the Bat #1: Initial Design


Viktor was a working-class, office-dwelling vampire in-hiding. Since he had spent so many years repressing his powers, he got himself stuck as a vampire bat one late night while working overtime for a client. Now that his secret is out, he must work late night after late night in order to keep his job. He is sleepy, clumsy, shy, and quietly eccentric. He is also driven, hard-working, and helpful.

This is the first character design for this class. I once had a conversation with some fellow strange art-school friends about the bats that flew around our giant ART sign at night. We discussed the necessity of an urban legend regarding students that never slept enough while attending school would inevitably turn into vampire bats and fly around campus's sign for the rest of eternity. This character started more so as an Vampire-art student who pulled one too many all-nighters. Due to his hip vegetarianism, he never had enough energy to change back into his more human-friendly form. After more drawings, I felt more attracted to getting him out of the same setting I was in and into a work environment - picturing a bat trying to do office work among normal, much taller human beings seems very funny to me.

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